Striex Stretch Mark Cream 125 Ml

145 AED


A unique association of active cosmetics agents which helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight reduction and improve skin’s elasticity.

This restructuring cream :

- limits the effect of mast cell degranulation

- helps fibroblasts to repair the matrix

- heals, repairs and tightens

              Best results come with application from month minus 5 before giving first birth. Apply twice a day on abdomen, hips or thighs, and massage smoothly. You may continue treatment till 3 or 4 months after giving birth.
              Matrixyl: Stimulate the presence of this broken down collagen, making your skin react by manufacturing more collagen, Glycerin and Almond oil: Moisturizer Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant. Protects the cells from oxidative stress.