Browfood 24H Tri-Feather Brow Pen Dark Blonde

60 AED 122 AED

This three-pronged pen easily and precisely delivers a fine liquid formula infused with a nano-peptide complex to support brow rejuvenation. The natural color lasts for up to 24 hours of continuous wear, with no fading or smearing. This product is a multi-tasker. Use all three prongs for quick feathering to create brow-like hairs in sparse areas of brows, or flip the pen on its side to easily outline and shape the brow.

First, holding the pen to its side, use the edge to easily outline and shape the brow. Then, flip the pen to use the three-pronged tip to feather in sparse areas. Create brow-like hairs by using quick, short strokes. If necessary, turn the pen back on its side to draw individual hairs.

Tips: Apply to dry, make-up free skin to prevent pen from clogging. If product does not flow, wipe pen tip with tissue to clear clogs. If applicator tip becomes unusable, pull tip out and cut unusable portion off to renew. Carefully place cap on pen tightly and store tip down.

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