Anti-Spot Cream for Hands

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Pigmentary blemishes represent one of the major natural phenomena of skin ageing. Hormonal changes, too frequent exposure to the sun or exposure without protection are the source of increased disturbance of the skin’s natural pigmentation. So, with the passing of time, pigmentary blemishes, more commonly called brown spots, appear on the skin.

ANTI-SPOT CREAM for hands tones down and prevents the appearance of pigmentary blemishes and does not contain any harsh chemicals. After a few weeks, the size and intensity of the blemishes will visibly diminish. Hands will be smoother and moisturized. Light and non greasy, this cream easily penetrates and leaves a protecting film on the skin.


Twice a day, apply a small quantity on the back of the hands. Visible results after minimum 2 months of non-stop daily application and according to the cell renewal cycle of the epidermis. Avoid any sun exposure without high SPF protection during use.

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