Detox Box

1,861 AED 2,190 AED

For a fresher, relaxed and rejuvenated skin, we offer you the face and body detox box.



  • Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Mask
  • Kakadu C Intense Vitamin C Peel Pads
  • KP Duty Scrub
  • KP Duty Double Duty
  • Dermavive Intimate Wash
  • Med e Tate / Antiperspirant wipes.

2 nights a week (Sunday and Wednesday) apply Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Mask for 10 mintues. On other nights, wipe all over your face (without getting too close to the eyes) the Intense Vitamin C Peel Pads and wash off after 2- 3 minutes.
Scrub your body after shower with KP Duty Scrub once a week. Dry with a towel and then apply KP Lotion. Dermavive Intimate wash, a healthy cleanser free of fragrance and chemicals, to be used as needed for washing the intimate area. The Med e Tate / Antiperspirant wipe is magic! Use them for your underarms, back neck or face before makeup. It will prevent any perspiration and odor.