GLOV On The Go Makeup Remover

125 AED

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The smart way to remove make-up wherever you are!

The handy GLOV On-The-Go will fit in your pocket, gym bag, cosmetics bag or suitcase. It is not only a make-up removal tool, but it also leaves your skin and mood feeling both soothed and comforted. It acts like a gentle scrub and improves your blood circulation while keeping your pH at the proper level.

Step by step - how to use makeup remover glove?

Soak in hot or cold water (warmer will dissolve your make-up faster), put it on your face and hold for a few seconds, then start gently massaging your face. Do not rub - the fibers will attract makeup like a magnet. After removing make-up, wash the glove using a dedicated Magnet Cleanser or gray bar soap and leave to dry. Remember to let the product dry itself - do not put it on the radiator, just hang it on the hook.