Body Shake Texturizing Finisher 250Ml

198 AED

Thickening and volume spray - Texturizing Finisher - Body Shake - Joico - 250 ml. Texture spray that gives volume, thickness and density to the hair. Ideal for fine to normal hair. This hybrid product combines aluminum starch with crystal resins and dry particles, which offers a matte velvet finish and volume all day long. It offers a light finish, leaving hair thick and voluminous. This texturizing spray gives volume to the thin hair, without leaving powder residues in the hair. The hair is voluminous, clean, with a delicate finish that leaves it silky and velvety.

Provides volume and body to fine hair;
The hair stays clean;
Leaves hair soft, with a velvety finish;
Helps fight moisture, regardless of the season;
It absorbs sebum from the roots in order to give the hair maximum volume.

How to use: Shake and spray on dry / styled hair before finishing.