Hair Shake Volumizing Texturizer Spray 150Ml

180 AED

YouÕll know itÕs radically different the second you shake the bottle: ThatÕs when the stainless steel ball thatÕs inside works its magic, by turning this extraordinary new liquid-to-powder texturiser into a micro-fine mist that amps up hair with the most touchable, velvety-soft, mega-volume finish.

Spray it, layer it, play with itÉ and get a dose of damage protection in a single shot. ItÕs the perfect choice for any hair type, texture, or colour but especially brilliant on strands that need a texture boost or oil absorption.

To use: With a hit of the nozzle and a few passes over your hair, the flash-dry formula delivers luscious texture, grip, lift, and thicknessÉ without weighing down a single strand.