Germaine De Capuccini

Purex Anti-Imp Soap-Free Dermo Cleanser

198 AED

GDC PUREXPERT ANTI-IMPERFECTIONS SOAP-FREE DERMO CLEANSER This soap-free bar is designed to cleanse the skin without damaging its protective layer. Copper, Zinc and Lavender essential oil all help to regulate oil production whist improving scarring. Benefits: Cleanse to achieve pure, matt skin and prepare the skin for the following steps. Excellent for skin with acne. It cleanses without damaging the protective hydrolipidic film or altering the pH of oily skin with spots. It’s ‘soap-free’ formula includes sebum-regulating ingredients such as Copper and Zinc and the Lavender essential oil which helps improve scarring.

Apply a small amount with warm water and massage well into the face and neck, concentrate on areas of congestion. Rinse off.