Regulator Exfoliating Soap 125g

58 AED

Floxia soap has a quadruple action: exfoliating, cleansing, invigorating and helps to unify the complexion thanks to various extracts of vegetable and marine origin.

On the surface, dry algae like lalgue chondrus crispus, very rich in mineral elements, iodine and sulfur, operate a delicate mechanical peeling and invigorating. Larbutine acts in depth by regulating the activity of tyrosinase.

  • Helps unifying skin complexion thanks to various vegetal and marine extracts
  • Prepare to deal with UV rays all day long
  • Acts as a mechanical peeling by liberating the dead skin cells. 
  • Daily use for body hygiene
  • Or as per recommendation
  • For external use only