Germaine De Capuccini

TIMEXPERT Srns Eyes Illum Detox Formula 15 Ml

328 AED

GDC TIMEXPERT SRNS ILLUMINATING DETOX EYE FORMULA An award winning eye cream to treat dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes. With a superb metallic applicator which feels very cooling as you apply and use for massage. With a slight tint to minimize imperfections. Draining and detoxifying action. Benefits: A superb eye product, with an innovative metallic applicator which feels incredibly soothing and cooling when you apply the product. Reducing puffiness and bags under the eyes, this eye cream works specifically against Glycotoxins (which create puffiness and bags) with three actions: • Anti-Fatigue Action: Its formula contains Albizia extract (also known as silk tree), which strengthens the energy production capacity of the cells to fight against the accumulation of toxins. Added Caffeine offers superb draining, lipolytic and micro-circulation stimulating power. • Illuminating Action: Optical diffusors correct the shadowy appearance of bags under the eyes, lighting them up immediately. • Lifting Action: The eye contour appears instantly open thanks to Pro-Liftine technology and its immediate, long-lasting lifting effect.

Use each morning on the eye contour area. Within the instruction leaflet you will find massage movements you can use with the metallic dispenser in terms of a massage.