Germaine De Capuccini

TIMEXPERT Srns Intensive Recovery Cream 50 Ml

445 AED

GDC TIMEXPERT SRNS INTENSIVE RECOVERY CREAM A superb product packed with active ingredients that work intensively to protect and repair the skin, providing intense rejuvenation. For those aged 40 and over. With award winning Zinc Glycene Complex, scientifically proven to correct signs of ageing. Benefits: As we age, the skin loses it’s ability to fight back against the external aggressions we encounter every day. Utilizing the award winning Zinc-Glycine Complex, Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream works to restore the skins energy, allowing it to work at revitalizing and restoring the skins elasticity and firmness during the day. The Intensive Recovery Cream has a fine and melting texture that instantly nourishes, perfect for mature skin. Main Benefits: • Hydrates dry skin • Strengthens flaccid skin • Reduces wrinkles • Reduces dark spots & pigmentation

Apply a small amount to face, neck and décolletage morning and night. For skin which is a little drier, we highly recommend using the SRNS Night Cream during the night time.