Germaine De Capuccini

TIMEXPERT Repair Night Progress 50 Ml

747 AED

GDC TIMEXPERT SRNS REPAIR NIGHT PROGRESS SERUM A boosting serum especially designed to enhance the results of Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream & Timexpert SRNS Night Cream. Benefits: During the day, the boosting serum resists against oxidative stress produced by environmental stress, it protects the skin from damage and keeps it perfectly hydrated. During the night, it enhances the cellular regeneration capacity, allowing your skin to recover more quickly from the external aggressions it was exposed to during the day. • Limits the action of free radicals • Protects against environmental damage • Favors the skin’s natural repair • Delays ageing • Improves the appearance, texture and tone of the skin • Fades the appearance of lines and wrinkles • Achieves high levels of hydration the whole day long • Ideal Treatment for mature skin • Fluid, generous texture with a silky, melting touch that instantly smoothest the skin.

Apply a few drops under your Treatment Cream morning and evening, massaging into face, neck and décolletage area.