Germaine De Capuccini

TIMEXPERT Repair Night Progress Eye 15 Ml

429 AED

GDC TIMEXPERT SRNS REPAIR NIGHT PROGRESS EYE SERUM A multi-vitamin eye serum that contains 60% active ingredients to revitalize the eye contour. Benefits: This eye serum contains over 60% active ingredients to reduce signs of tiredness, puffiness, bags and dark circles. Its innovative ingredients protect the skin from environmental stress, eliminate toxins and regenerate the cells. The results are a more youthful eye contour with skin looking more radiant, firm, reduced wrinkles and illuminated. With an extremely light gel texture, it immediately soothes the skin and is easily and quickly absorbed. Its formula is also design to enhance the effects of your eye cream.

You can use this product on its own - or you can use as a serum and apply this first - a tiny amount, about the size of a grain of rice per eye - tap into the eye socket area only (where you can feel the bone) and then apply the smallest amount of your usual eye cream over in the same way.