Germaine De Capuccini

TIMEXPERT White Clarifying Milk 200 Ml

329 AED

GDC TIMEXPERT WHITE EXFOLIATING CLARIFYING MILK An exfoliating milk with a creamy texture that deeply cleanses and facilitates the elimination of dead cells that contain excess melanin and produce a dull tone using glycolic acid in a gentle but effective way. Goof to unify skin tone and help correct dark spot areas and irregularities on the skin Benefits: Especially for skin with pigmentation, this Exfoliating Clarifying Milk works deeply, renewing the skin and working against lack of uniformity and pigmentation on the skin. This product contains glycolic acid encapsulated in cyclodextrins which brings about an improved and deeper exfoliating action. Whilst containing Glycolic Acid, this product is gentle on the skin and irritation is minimized. The skin becomes fresher, more uniform, deeply cleansed and smooth. By using this product you can expect the best results from products applied subsequently, – whilst this product is ideally followed by other products within the Timexpert White Line, this product will also be extremely effective on thicker, dull skin / combination skin. We have been truly amazed with the immediate results this product gives.

This is a powerful exfoliating cleanser, do not use near the eye area. Massage well into the face and neck and remove with tissues. Don't use water to remove as the product remains in the skin and will continue to work.