The Instant Lifting Serum 30 Ml

330 AED

Beauty in 5 sec, lifting in 5 min, and radiant glow in 5 days

- suitable for all skin types, from the age of 25 years
- immediate lifting effect!
- hypoallergenic
- formula developed by doctor D. Coletta

NOVEXPERT The Instant Lifting Serum is 100% natural and has an immediately visible lifting effect within 5 minutes with a unique double lifting effect. A horizontal lifting for a tightening effect and a vertical lifting effect for a filling effect. Perfect for combating stress wrinkles or wrinkles due to extreme sun exposure, to prolong the effect of a Botox injection or a weakening skin.


 In the morning and possibly. In the evening, apply small tufts on the entire face, starting in the T-zone of the face and working until the temples. Only a small amount of product is needed. 5 minutes to withdraw for the use of make-up or for the use of an extra care cream.

Tip: Apply the lifting serum to specific places: wrinkles around the lip contour, smile line and for specific occasions, for example, for a night out, to improve the make-up, jet lag or the morning after a late evening