Labo Transdermic

Anti-Eye Puffiness Gel

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Draining and Flattening
Transdermic Care for Puffy Eyes
(inferior eyelids)
How to use Smooth a very small amount on the areas under the eyes affected by swelling and puffiness. Tap gently with fingers and leave to dry for a few seconds. The
surface tension is due to the
product action. In some cases
the product may bring out small
signs of skin dryness, easily
correctable by hydrating the skin
before the treatment.
The specific active ingredients
contained in the Anti-Eye
Puffiness Flattening Gel were
tested to verify their capability
in penetrating the different
cutaneous layers, where they
efficaciously play their cosmetic
function. Glucosyl Hesperidin
stimulates the intercellular
exchanges promoting the
disposal of stagnant fluids that
accumulate in the lower eyelid
area; Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5
carries out a strong decongesting
action. The formulation has also
an immediate flattening effect on
the inferior eyelids.

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