Labo Transdermic

Calming Cream

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Calming Transdermic Care for
Flushed, Irritated, Sensitized

The specific active ingredients
contained in the Calming
Cream were tested to verify their
capability in penetrating the
different cutaneous layers, where
they efficaciously play their
cosmetic function. Panthenol
with its marked humectant
properties has a softening
and protective effect on the
skin; Niacinamide improves
the barrier effect of the skin,
strengthening it; Bisabolol
derives from chamomile and has
a soothing and calming effect
that gives relief to sensitized
skin; Glycyrrhetinic Acid has
anti-reddening properties and is
particularly suitable for flushed,
reddened or blotched skins.
The 8 Hyaluronic Acids with
different molecular weights
of Fillerina patent differently
penetrate the cutaneous layers of
both epidermis and dermis, thus
providing an essential advantage
to the skin.

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