Labo Transdermic

Cleansing Milk

160 AED

Daily Facial Cleansing Milk
Sensitive, Delicate Skin and All
Skin Types

On a cotton ball draw up
from the dispenser the desired
amount of Cleansing Milk. Then
apply it on face and neck skin.
To be repeated until complete
Special Labo Transdermic
Cleansers contain active
ingredients with very low
molecular weight, which
contribute to the treatment
of face skin even during
cleaning and make-up removal.
Cleansing Milk is an emulsion
which, thanks to its delicate
formulation, is particularly
suitable for daily face cleaning.
Panthenol, with its strong
humectant properties, softens,
calms and protects the skin:
together with the 8 Hyaluronic
Acids of Fillerina patent, it
ensures maximum comfort to the
skin even during cleaning.