Labo Transdermic

Equalizing Anti-Spot Cream

471 AED

Equalizing Depigmenting
Transdermic Care for Blotched,
Hyperpigmented Skin

Use morning and/or evening. To
be used alone or after the Anti-
Spot Serum.
The specific active ingredients
contained in the Equalizing
Anti-Spot Cream were tested
to verify their capability in
penetrating the different
cutaneous layers, where they
efficaciously play their cosmetic
function. Sodium Ascorbyl
Phosphate is a powerful antioxidant
with a strong clarifying
effect; Oligopeptide-68 is a
peptide with a whitening effect;
Arbutin is a strong inhibitor
of melanogenesis particularly
effective on dark spots and age
spots; Niacinamide opposes
the transfer of melanine up
to the surface and helps to
even the skin tone. The 8
Hyaluronic Acids with different
molecular weights of Fillerina
patent differently penetrate
the cutaneous layers of both
epidermis and dermis, thus
providing an essential advantage
to the skin.

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