Labo Transdermic

Purifying Mask

210 AED

Deep, Cyclic Cleansing
All Skin Types

After cleansing, smooth a thick
layer of Purifying Enlightening
Mask all over the face. Let the
product act for 10-15 minutes,
then rinse with warm water or
take it off with a sponge.
Special Labo Transdermic
Cleansers contain active
ingredients with very low
molecular weight, which
contribute to the treatment of
face skin even during cleaning
and make-up removal. This
Purifying Enlightening Mask,
containing Kaolin and Zinc
Oxide, provides a deep
cleansing action and leaves the
skin pure and bright. Panthenol,
with its strong humectant
properties, softens, calms and
protects the skin: together
with the 8 Hyaluronic Acids
of Fillerina patent, it ensures
maximum comfort to your skin
even during cleaning.

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