Sun Melting Spray for Face & Body SPF 50 150mL

142 AED

This high-protection sun spray with Water and Sun Flowers provides protection against the premature appearance of visible signs of aging linked to the sun. The ultra-practical sun spray delivers a light and deliciously melting veil of fluid that is resistant to water and perspiration - making it an ideal choice for sporting activities. Perfectly protected, moisturized and soothed, the skin takes on a sublime tan.



Before exposure, apply the Nuxe Sun SPF 50 sun spray generously:

- Face: spray the sun spray into your hands and warm it up before applying it to your face, avoiding the area around the eyes.

- Body: spray directly onto your body and spread evenly.
Reapply frequently, especially after swimming or towel-drying the skin. Applying an insufficient amount of product will significantly reduce the level of sun protection.

Warnings: Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous. Avoid going out in the sun in the middle of the day. A sun care product does not provide 100% protection. Do not spray directly onto the face.


Water-resistant and sweat-resistant. Photostable.