Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo 200 Ml

120 AED

Ducray Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo is a shampoo recommended for the care of a variety of scalp conditions that cause scaling and flaking. Infused with micronized sulfur, a well-known ally against various skin conditions, and salicylic acid, a gentle exfoliating agent, this well-tolerated formula helps eliminate scales, remove loose dandruff, and calm redness and itching. Clinical trial volunteers report itching is reduced by 68% and desquamation by 35%, leaving the scalp healthier and more comfortable.

Micronized sulfur fights bacteria on the surface of the scalp, and stimulates the shedding of skin formations such as scales;
Salicylic acid aids in the removal of scales by softening keratin, a protein in the skin.
Apply Ducray Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo to damp scalp, then rinse. Reapply and leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use 2 to 3 times a week for a minimum of 6 weeks