Fillerina Plus

12HA Densifying-Filler Treatment Grade 5 30ml x2

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Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Treatment Grade 5 30ml x2 is the first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment to be used at home. It has a filling effect on expression lines and wrinkles, a lifting effect on facial features, and a volumizing effect on cheekbones and lips



How to use

Apply Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Treatment Grade 5 30ml x2 everyday, for 14 days. Apply it once a day, in the morning or evening depending on your needs and habits, following these steps:

1. For better results, be sure to ingest 2 cups of water before using Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Treatment Grade 5 30ml x2;

2. If you're using the bottle for the first time, lift the tab of the seal on the top of the bottle and firmly pull it. Then remove the rubber cap and dispose of it;

3. Take one of the precision applicators and fill it with 1ml of the Densifying Filler Gel (Bottle 1). Due to the thick texture of the gel, the plunger must be pulled back slowly;

4. Use the applicator to apply the gel with precision on the affected areas and repeat the procedure a second time, ensuring that you apply between 1.5-2ml total;

5. Let the product sit for 10 minutes, minimizing the facial movements during this period of time;

6. Using the palm of the hand, gently tap the remaining product in order to boost absorption - it is normal to feel a tightening sensation. Do not rub the product. If the product sheds, it indicates that you have applied an excessive amount of product in that specific area;

7. Using the other applicator, remove 1ml of the Densifying-Filler Nourishing Film (Bottle 2) from the bottle. Apply a portion of the product on the forehead, cheekbones, chin and neck. Massage the product onto the skin by using upwards movements in order to boost the lifting effect;

8. If you apply the product and need to apply make-up, wait 30 minutes before doing so;

9. After opening, close the bottle using the plastic cap you find inside the box;

10. Cleanse the applicators after each use, using lukewarm water, in order to prevent product buildup.