Anti Hair Loss Treatment 10X10Ml Vials

313 AED

Hair loss can be originated by different causes hormonal causes of genetic origin or other alterations of diverse nature. The external treatment by Tricovit, with added vitamins, works on some of those factors in order to reduce hair loss. It is able to regenerate scalp cells and to stimulate the hair fiber from the root to the tip.

In the first week of the treatment, you must proceed to a daily application. From the second week on, the application must be done every second day. The total duration of the treatment will depend on the scalp state. You must consult a professional in order to be advised about the exact duration of the treatment. After washing the hair with Tricovit anti-hair loss shampoo, dry it with a towel and apply the unidose ampoule on the whole head parting after parting. Do not rinse. Do a light massage with the tip of the fingers to help the absorption of the active principles.