Atolys With Pump 200Ml

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Body Emulsion with long lasting soothing effect, ATOlys contains a limited amount of urea to avoid the feeling of irritation of lesions during periods of atopic eczema bouts. An emulsion of water in oil allows the ingredients to be effective through the formation of a thin coating layer and allows homogeneous distribution of the urea into the deepest layers of the stratum corneum of the skin. The emulsion is enriched with copper, zinc, and rhamnose thus limitting the risk of bacterial infection and super- infection. ATOlys delivers instant comfort, hydration and elasticity of atopic skin (atopic dermatitis). It maintains the hydrating effect of urea up to 50% longer than other hydration products thanks to the patented active ingredient Urodium (Urodium). Due to the limited amount of urea, the product is suitable for adults and for infants with problem (atopic) skin. UREA : 2% Sodium chloride : 1% Cu - Zn ( pidolate Copper - Zinc pidolate ) - antibacterial properties Rhamnose – anti-sticking property Water in oil emulsion, perfume free, hypoallergenic Packaging :