Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Balm

128 AED

4 in 1 perfect cleansing balm for deep cleansing + exfoliating + better skin texture + moisturizing!

A total cleansing line featuring black sugar, refined rice wine, and botanical oils for easy makeup removal and cleansing for a smooth, clear complexion. A balm-to-oil textured cleanser that gently removes makeup and helps with blackhead removal. This easy to use cleanser leaves skin clean and nourished for a perfectly radiant complexion.


  • Cleanses thoroughly and treats dead skin cell. 
  •  Improves skin texture and creates fine complexion. 

  •  Contains black sugar and refined rice wine and makes your skin smooth


How to use:

1. Take appropriate amount using the built in spatula and apply to entire. 
2. Massage to remove make up and then rinse off with warm water or wipe with tissue

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