Blush Flush Butter To Powder Blush C03 Raspberry Sorbet

8 AED 22 AED
  • Hybrid texture
  • Blush-to-powder effect
  • Intensive pigmentation

Butter To Powder Blush An innovative hybrid texture with a surprising effect: at first, the blush feels buttery and practically melts into the skin for easy application and blending. Then the formula transforms into a powdery, light finish. The intensive pigmentation offers especially fresh-looking results. With a choice of intensive pink, fresh peach and soft raspberry, the colour is up to you.

Beauty Tip
If you don’t have a brush close at hand, you can apply this innovative hybrid texture with your fingers. At first, the texture feels buttery and can be applied like a cream, using the fingertips to work it into the skin and blend it outwards.