Blush Flush Ombre Blush Palette C01 Blurred Orange

30 AED
  • Ombré colour gradient
  • Soft powder texture
  • From matte to shimmering

soft powder textures unites various effects ranging from matte to shimmering. The gorgeous colour gradient allows individual application possibilities – from soft and natural to intensive blush effects – for a radiant, fresh look. The Ombré Blush Palette is available in two colour versions: warm orange and cooler pink, both with perfectly aligned colour families. Part of the team: a practical mirror!

Beauty Tip
To ensure that the Ombré Blush Palette highlights your natural colour type, it’s important to differentiate between cool and warm types. The Blurred Orange version with gentle earth tones is best suited to warm colour types, while the Vibrant Pink Palette is a better match for cool colour types. Choosing the right version lets you make the most of your complexion and looks!