Cellufirm Cream-Gel 200 Ml

265 AED
MAXON Cellufirm Cream-Gel smoothing cellulite lotion is a highly active formula to eliminate orange-peel skin and unsightly cellulite. Targeting the fatty deposits and damaged areas causes by these deposits, this lotion firms and restructures those areas, resulting in a smooth, toned appearance. Promoting drainage, it discourages cellulite from forming and leaves your skin looking youthful. - Enhance blood circulation & drainage of water ( Nicotinate, Theophyline, Menthol ) - Rebuilding skin structure ( Niacinamide, Diospyros, Ebenum bark extract ) - Skin renewing ( Retinol, Carnitin ) - Strengthen skin tissues (Horsetail, Centella ) - Stimulates lipolysis ( Caffeine, Carnitin )