Bayt Al Saboun

Curcuma Value Set

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Set includes:

1. Curcuma Facial Cream - 150gm:
A rich yet lightweight facial cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin, featuring a formula with curcuma longa that smoothes and brightens your skin providing the desired natural glow.

2. Curcuma Facial Scrub - 150gm:
A gentle exfoliating face scrub infused with curcuma that removes dark spots, dead skin cells and excess oils leaving a brightened and smooth complexion.

3. Curcuma Facial Mask - 300gm
Curcuma infused facial mask that helps to nourish the skin while diminishing dark spots to reveal a glowy and smooth appearance.

4. Curcuma Lip Scrub - 20gm
A scrub that naturally removes dead skin cells and brightens the colour of the lips to improve its appearance.

5. Free Bag