Fotoultra 100 Isdin Active Unify Fusion Fluid No Color 50Ml

239 AED

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ISDIN Fotoultra 100 Active Unify Fusion Fluid SPF50+ is indicated to protect your face from hyperpigmentation, melasma, vitiligo, photodermatosis or other stains.
ISDIN FotoUltra 100 Active Unify Fusion Fluid SPF50+ provides a total anti-UV screen, twice higher than required by guards with SPF50, to protect the skin with a tendency to the formation of spots (hyperpigmentation, melasma, vitiligo).

With fluid color to even out complexion
It can be used as a base for makeup
Anti-UV full screen
With Hyaluronic Acid for an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle care
Completely protects the skin
Suitable for people with melasma, vitiligo or prone to hyperpigmentation
Prevents skin photoaging

Apply ISDIN FotoUltra 100 Unify Active Fusion Fluid FPS50+ daily in the morning and reapply the early afternoon.

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