Hair Loss Patch Treatment - 28 Patches

350 AED

Tricovit anti-hair loss treatment combines the innovative technology of trans dermic patch and of our formula. The patch allows to release the active principles directly into the skin, up to the deepest layers. Our formula produces a combined attack on the stimulus of the growth. It encourages the microcirculation of the concerned area and regulates both male hormones and sebum. So often, occasional hair loss just as alopecia are problems that generate a great concern for the aesthetic impact they imply. The reasons of that loss are very diverse and its treatment is not simple. The anti-hair loss shampoo by Tricovit does not only clean your scalp and hair, caring about its fragility, but it also prepares it to be more receptive to other products of the treatment, favoring the fixation of their active ingredients. Besides, the softness of the shampoo allows a daily use.

The Treatment lasts at least 28 consecutive days but 2 months treatment is recommended. Once the period of the treatment is over, make a pause of one month. The treatment can be repeated throughout the year if the doctor or professional deems it necessary. During the treatment, you can have a shower, do sport and have a normal life. The anti-hair loss patch has a unique way of application: simple, comfortable and effective. Ensure that the area of skin where the product will be applied is clean and dry, to ensure perfect adhesion Remove the protective film and stick the patch on the chosen area of skin. For optimal results, it must remain adhered to the skin for 24 hours. It is recommended to apply the patch at night. Remove after this period of time. If it is impossible to leave the patch on for 24 hours, it is important to ensure at least 8 to 10h for minimal results.