Hexaphane Anti Chute Nutritional Suppliment 30 Caps

295 AED

Capileov against hair loss promotes the natural growth of the hair, the normal hair structure is maintained and leads to a healthy scalp. In addition, Capileov offers protection of the skin and hair metabolism against hair loss and against damage caused by free radicals

Facial hair loss is widespread, affects both men and women, and primarily affects the hair follicle. Hair loss can be generalized or localized. Hair growth is determined by hormonal factors such as sex hormones and activated by estrogen and progesterone. Pregnant women with a high level of progesterone have a lush head of hair. After pregnancy, on the other hand, excessive hair loss is often found, which is associated with a significant reduction in the progesterone content as a result of childbirth. Androgenetic hormones such as testosterone inhibit hair growth, which is why one speaks of androgenetic hair loss


  • Supports the natural growth of hair
  • Maintains normal hair structure and scalp
  • Natural formation of cysteine: this amino acid is the basis for the formation of keratin (main component of hair and nails)
  • Protects the skin and hair metabolism from damage caused by free radicals



Take one capsule daily with a glass of water for at least three months