Hydragenist Hydra-Smoothing Eye Gel 15ml

255 AED
The morning wake-up rehydrating step.
Based on the esthetic technique of tissue oxygenation, this eye gel combines biomimetic oxygen with rehydrating hyaluronic acid, which oxygenates the surface of the skin. It is enriched with a decongesting extract for lasting anti-puffiness, anti-dark spot effectiveness.
Smoothes dehydration lines. Anti-puffiness - Anti-dark circles.
  • Eye contour rehydrated 100%(1) 
  • Dehydration wrinkles and fine lines smoothed 100%(2) 
  • Decongesting effect 100%(3) 


How to use:

1. Apply the product and massage in with fingertips 2. Use the cryo-thermal tip to smooth 3. Apply decongesting pressure using the cryo-thermal tip