Hydramax Lotion 200 Ml

170 AED
  • Aqua, Glyceryl stearat, Glyceri, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Xanthan gum, Passin Flora & Dimethicone, Soluble collage, Cetyl Alcohol, Mineral il, Jojoba Oil
How to apply
  • Gently massage onto arms, legs and other parts of the body that require special attention. Use twice daily or as often as advised
  • Hydrates the skin with a rich blend of emollients and moisturizers that work to soften the skin
  • MAXON Hydramax Lotion is a rich daily moisturizer for body. It deeply a nourishes the skin with a blend of a emollients and moisturizing a ingredients. After frequent use, a the skin takes on a supple texture a and youthful, radiant tone. Ideal a for dry skin and seasonal dryness.