Fillerina Plus

Lips and Mouth Grade 5

304 AED 435 AED


Smooth out those “barcode” lines and get that definition back in your lips . Combining eight forms of Hyaluronic Acid and three forms of Collagen with specialized enhancers for lips and mouth, this anti-aging treatment effectively softens lines forming around the mouth for a smooth, youthful look. The Hyaluronic Acid will also work as a plumping agent.



Fillerina Lips and Mouth product comes in a new specific brush-tip applicator that contains 5 ml of Gel. To correctly spread the product, rotate few times the mechanism on the top of the applicator to dispense the desired quantity of Gel. Distribute it on both lips and on mouth contour. Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the penetration of the actives. Once the lip surface is dry, apply the lipstick or the lipgloss. Repeat the application several times during the day. Important: the gel must be applied on clean lips. Recommendations: Fillerina Lips and Mouth contains enough product to be applied for 1 month. It is recommended to repeat the treatment several times a year.