Mesolift C15 Serum 30 ml

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The ultimate anti-fatigue vitamin treatment, for tired, dull skin.
Inspired by facial Mesotherapy aesthetic techniques, MESOLIFT C15 vitamins concentrate is a daily treatment recommended in case of stress, fatigue, or seasonal changes. It is the perfect way to help fight skin burnout. An optimal dosage of 15% pure extemporaneous vitamin C is responsible for neutralizing dull the complexion, and improve skin tone. 



With the consistency of a fluid, this opalescent texture becomes orange as soon as the vitamin C powder is activated inside the product. It breaks when it is applied to the skin and leaves a sensation of freshness with a boost effect. Jojoba esters provide comfort, while propanediol, a moisturizer of plant origin, encourages the absorption of the active ingredients deep inside the skin. Pink grapefruit and sparkling spices in the top notes, saffron and aromatic mint in the middle, patchouli and musk in the bottom notes: a zesty scent to revitalize the skin.

After 15 days (1 Vial Use)

For 100% of women: even complexion, smoother skin.*
For 90% of women: more rested face, skin appears energized.*

In 30 days (2 Vials)
+78% radiance.**
+70% tone.**


MESOLIFT C15 should be used as a 30-day treatment, morning and evening. Simply apply under your usual cream instead of using a serum. Nestled in its soft ampoule with a precise applicator, the concentrate is easy to use, and should be activated before it is applied by removing the silver ring and pressing on the compartment that protects the pure vitamin C powder.

Step 1 : Pull out the seal.
Step 2 : Press 20 times.
Step 3 : Hold it down while vigorously shaking for 15 sec.
Step 4: Break the tip.
Step 5 : Apply on clean face.

Once it has been activated, the vitamin C remains active for 15 days. After this two-week period it becomes oxidized, so the vial should no longer be used.