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Bali Body

Natural Tanning Oil SPF6

190 AED 225 AED

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Our Natural Tanning & Body Oil with sun protection. This lightweight tanning oil works to soothe, smooth and deeply hydrate your skin while you achieve a natural sun tan. Enriched with a blend of organic, natural ingredients, this tanning oil is so nourishing, it can be used year round as a daily body oil.


We call this product BB Gold for a reason. It's a natural sun tanning and body oil that will give you a deep golden glow while hydrating your skin and  providing medium protection from UV rays. This nourishing sunscreen oil will give your skin the perfect tan.

Used as a daily body oil, BB Gold can treat dry and eczema prone skin. This golden multitasker can also be used in the sun as a tanning oil to achieve a deep tan. It's natural, hydrating and 100% vegan friendly. 


How to use:

Let our BB babes show you how to get the deepest tan

With the sun: Lather generously while sun tanning for the ultimate bronzed glow

Without the sun: Can be applied anytime as a body moisturiser or for best hydration results, apply after a shower for silky smooth skin





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