Nutraisdin Zn40 50Ml

75 AED

ISDIN Nutraisdin ZN40 Repairing Ointment soothes and regenerates irritated skin, allowing it to heal and preventing other aggressions.

ISDIN Nutraisdin ZN40 Repairing Ointment is indicated for the treatment of diaper rash and associated erythema. This formula has 40% zinc oxide to create a protective barrier that isolates the skin from external aggressions and gives it time to fully regenerate over time.

The antiseptic and regenerative ingredients help maintain the area free from microorganisms and from the enzymes that disrupt the skin while giving it the nutrition and hydration it needs to heal.

Apply ISDIN Nutraisdin ZN40 Repairing Ointment on irritated skin, previously cleaned, whenever you change the diaper. Can be used daily. If after 3 days of use the rash won't disappear please switch to ISDIN Nutraisdin AF Ointment.