Nutricerat Anti-Dryness Hair Protective Spray 75 Ml

138 AED

Ducray Nutricerat Anti-Dryness Protective Spray is a protective spray especially formulated for the needs of dry, very dry, and damaged hair. Designed to be used before exposure to environmental aggressors, this spray seals the hair cuticles and creates a protective barrier, preventing the hair shaft from drying out. The addition of a UV filter protects the hair against sun damage, making this a perfect ally for long days at the beach or pool. 69% of clinical trial volunteers reported softer hair and positive results after 3 weeks of using the spray.

Illipe butter is a long-lasting moisturizer that protects the delicate strands of hair against external aggressions;
Hydrogenated castor oil promotes hair growth, thickens hair and helps minimize damage to the hair fibers.
Apply Ducray Nutricerat Anti-Dryness Protective Spray to damp hair before exposure to any type of damage (seawater, swimming pools, sun). Do not rinse. May be used as often as desired.