Premium The Cure Absolute Anti-Aging 30ml

705 AED

Lierac Premium Serum Regenerating Absolute Anti-Aging Takes inspiration from the latest advances in genetics and techniques of aesthetic medicine. Lierac Laboratories have created a unique concentrate of youth that contains concentrated ingredients that help to correct all visible signs of aging. It also has protective action and ability to speed up the recovery of DNA. The unique formula contains ingredients that help to activate the enzyme of longevity, protecting the skin and restoring its youthful elasticity as well. It also contains additional extracts of black flowers and hyaluronic acid which provide intense regeneration and a comprehensive anti-aging action. It provides the complexion with a rejuvenated look and improves the overall appearance and condition of the skin.

Apply a few drops of Lierac Premium Serum Regenerating Absolute Anti-Aging to cleansed skin, alone or before the application of a cream from the Lierac Premium range.
Patented vegetable microcapsules (5%) protect and repair cell DNA;
Hyaluronic acid (10%) provides a hydrating, smoothing, and replumping action;
Black flower extracts (7%), collected from black orchid, black baccara, and black poppy, reveal the skin's natural luminosity and provide a powerful antioxidant action.

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