Bayt Al Saboun

Scrubbing Soap Paste Bakhour

153 AED 180 AED

Scrubbing Soap Paste Bakhour - 300gm

- Prepared from a blend of natural oils
- Cleanses, smoothens and soothes skin and nerves
- Nonirritant, ideal for sensitive skin
- Reduces pigmentation and protects from skin fissures and flabbiness
- Prepares skin for a loofa scrub, and a perfect exfoliation
- Suitable for all skin types.

How to Use:
- Mix the paste with water to get a creamy texture and massage it all over the body
- Scrub the body with the loofah, stress on rough zones
- Rinse it out with fresh water.

    مقشر - سنفرة سكراب