Whitening Intimate Zone Routine 1

165 AED 195 AED


- Whitening Sensitive Zone Soap - 110g

A natural soothing soap that gently disinfects & cleanses the skin of irritating bacteria, eliminating odour & discomfort thanks to pH regulating properties. Lightens darkened skin & moisturises intimates. 


-   Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream - 50ml

A natural & safe cream that effectively lightens soothes & rejuvenates darkened skin in the bikini line, inner thighs, intimate zone & underarms for a smooth, blemish-free, unified skin-tone.


How to use:

  • Cleanse your skin with Whitening Sensitive Zone Soap.
  • Rinse well & pat dry.
  • Moisturize you skin by using Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream.
  • Can be used on intimates, bikini line, inner thighs & underarms.