Xerolys 50 Cream 40 Ml

155 AED

Xerolys 50 is an extremely powerful combination of keratolytic and moisturizing effect that has deep and lasting moisturizing effect, and makes the skin healthy and soft again. The concentrated effect is due to the unique composition Urodium and salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid. Overly thickened skin on the elbows, hands and feet looks bad and cracks are not only aesthetically unpleasant but a painful defect. The LysaSkin Laboratories products are designed specifically to address the specific problems of patients with dry skin. Each of these products is of exceptional quality, excellent moisturizing ability and long lasting effects. Xerolys 50 Emulsion deeply hydrates , softens and restores problem areas of thickened skin. With regular use of 50 Xerolys skin is soothed and regains its softness and elasticity.

How to use

Apply a thin layer twice a day at morning and evening. Apply on problem areas massaging the emulsion to penetrate better. For most effect use after a bath and scrubbing of areas with thickened and hardened skin.